We strive to keep a wide variety & stock of both pork and beef products. Every Saturday you can find us right here on our farm at the Barrhaven Farmers Market from 9am-2pm

As we move forward into the fall and winter we will have an online inventory of our products that can be ordered for home delivery.

Pork. Dinner Sausages (mild Italian, honey garlic, Mexican chorizo) Breakfast Sausages (bratwurst, maple). Pepperetts. Center and loin chops. Ground pork. Shoulder roasts. Smoked ham roasts. Bacon

Beef – Rib steaks. Sirloin steaks. Striploin steaks. blade steaks. Marinated farmer steaks. tenderloin steaks. variety of beef roast cuts. ground beef. pre-made hamburger patties. kabob cubes. stewing beef and more.

If there is something different or specific you are looking for please don’t hesitate to ask and we will do our best to accommodate.

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